Equipping Families, Building communities


Welcome to Metropolitan Community Development Corporation! We are a 501(c)(3) organization that aims to improve the quality of life for African immigrants and low-income residents in Montgomery County, Maryland, through programs and services that engage the community in meeting their own physical and emotional needs, and to close gaps in education, health, income, and family well-being.

We work in partnership with related community-based non-profit organizations and local government agencies to assist low-income families and African immigrants in Montgomery County. The organization is run by members of the African immigrant population, providing local members of that community with aid and services in a culturally competent and needs-sensitive way.

Who Do We Serve?

MCDC headquarters sits in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, and serves the rapidly expanding African immigrant population of Montgomery County. As of 2006, approximately 38,000 Montgomery County residents were born in Africa, amounting to 4% of the county’s total population, which is twice the rate of Maryland as a whole. The total African population of Montgomery County increased by 13,000 from 2000-2006.

African immigrants make up 14% of the total foreign-born population of Montgomery County. This is slightly below the rate for the state of Maryland, which is 16%, but far exceeding that of the United States as a whole (4%). Approximately one-third of Maryland’s African population lives in Montgomery County.

Of the African-born population in Montgomery County, the largest portions come from Western Africa (39.6%), which includes Ghana (9.8%), Liberia (2.5%), and Nigeria (5.7%). Eastern Africa contributes to 30.6% of the population, with immigrants from Ethiopia (21.3%), Kenya (4.1%) and others. The Middle African region contributes to 13% of the African population in the county, with the remainder coming primarily from Egypt (3.1%) and South Africa (1.2%). The population we serve is consistent with these countywide figures, with the largest portion being from Western Africa.