We work with local organizations and other nonprofit groups to most effectively serve the needs of the community. Partnerships include --

Bethel World Outreach Ministries international

Our organization was founded by Bethel World Outreach Ministries in 1996, and continues to work closely with the church through outreach and community development activities. BWOMI is currently headquartered in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, under the leadership of Bishop Darlingston G. Johnson, D.Min., and Pastor Chrys Johnson, M.A. The ministry has grown from one church to nearly 200 churches globally, representing a total membership of over 30,000 people. Over 45 nations are represented at the headquarters in Silver Spring alone.

IMPACT silver spring

IMPACT Silver Spring is a community-building organization founded in 1999 by a group of resident leaders dedicated to serving the needs of Silver Springs diverse community. Its mission is to create the environments and capacity needed to build and sustain a thriving, multicultural community. We work with IMPACT on numerous community outreach projects.

The VOLTA association

Camp4Kids is operated in conjunction with the VOLTA Assocation, which serves Ewes and people of Ewe heritage living in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. The Ewe people come from the Volta Region of Ghana, which is located in the southeast of the country near the Volta River, as well as from southern Togo and Western Benin.

Montgomery county african affairs advisory group

Our Executive Director, Amie Jallah, is a member of the Montgomery County African Affairs Advisory Group, which advises the County Executive on issues relevant to the diverse and rapidly growing African community.

World vision

World Vision provides us with resources needed to carry out our Basic Needs programs and Children and Youth services.

african cultural resource center

The newly opened African Cultural Resource Center (ACRC) on Forest Glen Road in Silver Spring, Maryland, was the location of the 2010 Camp4Kids summer program. The ACRC was opened as a joint effort between several area nonprofits and Montgomery County's African Affairs Advisory Group to centralize and expand the resources available to African immigrants.

Check out these pictures from the ACRC Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with County Executive Isiah Leggett.